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The item listed here are samples from the 2016 fair.
We will be launching the highlights of the 2017 fair on 1st May 2017.

Original maquette for the 1970 album

[The Grateful Dead] Mouse, Stanley

Workingman's Dead, 1970

[The Grateful Dead] Mouse, Stanley

Workingman's Dead (Original maquette for the 1970 album)

N.p.: N.p., 1970. Original maquette by artist Stanley Mouse for the Grateful Dead's seminal 1970 album, "Workingman's Dead."

A fascinating and very telling treatment for an image that is today burned into the brain of pop music culture, one that accompanies an album that, along with 1969's "American Beauty," was the genesis of the band's signature sound.

Mouse began by shooting a photo of the band in front of Barney's Beanery in San Francisco, across the street from a meat rendering plant, the members all dressed in heavy work overalls. From the photos taken there, he chose a slightly blurry print and touched it up with white and black paint. The original treated photo is present at the center of this design, framed out with Mouse's original design for the album, more conceptual than the finished version, lacking the band's name and simply titled, "Workingman's Dead."

Mouse has added tiny printed illustrations of vintage cars and trucks at a few of the borders, and signed the maquette at the bottom right corner.

12.5 x 12. 5 inches. Fine condition, sealed in archival plastic for presentation, with the maquette construction visible on both the recto and the verso.