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The item listed here are samples from the 2016 fair.
We will be launching the highlights of the 2017 fair on 1st May 2017.

Iwasaki Tsunemasa


[EHON - Botanical] Iwasaki Tsunemasa. HONSÔ ZUFU. 25.6 x 17.5 cm. Taishô 5 - Taishô 10 [1916-21]. 93 volumes, String-bound Japanese-style fukuro toji, with printed paper title labels. Complete in 93 vols. as originally conceived (without the 2 volume supplementary index).
The classic work of botanical classification created by Iwasaki, (1786-1842) which was abortively begun in woodcut, during the author's lifetime, then continued in manuscript form during the mid-19th Century (it is estimated some dozen or so copies were created during the 1830's and thereafter). It was finally edited by Iida Sôtaro, the blocks cut by Kimura Tokutaro, printed by Ishizuka and published, hors commerce, by Iwamoto Yonetaro in final form, printed by color woodblock in 93 volumes in the Taishô period. Ours is that edition. [See Bartlett & Shiohara for much more on this important work] The impressions and condition are very good. The most comprehensive botany of traditional Japan and a remarkable work of art, as well - there are over 2000 pp. of color woodcuts of Japanese plants, trees, fungi, etc.